Introductory Summer Letter 2022 (Updated 12-11-22)

Dear parents and band students,

For those of you that are new, here are a few things (in random order) to keep in mind: Tee Shirts will be $17.00. Please bring your money in August. Our uniform for the first two games will be jeans, tennis shoes and band tee-shirts.

When we march in full uniform you must have solid black marching shoes and socks for the performances. I can order specially designed marching shoes for you for $28.00 per pair. These have a rounded heel which is perfect for marching. Orders will be taken the first week of school. Any other footwear has to be approved by me in advance. There is no fee involved as far as wearing the band uniforms except that they should be dry cleaned as needed during the year and dry cleaned after our concert assessment festival.

The Band Handbook, grading procedure, and other information is posted on our web site. It is updated regularly so please visit. Long

Summer schedule:

Percussion and Guard will begin summer practices on July 11-14, from 9am-noon.  Full Band will begin summer practices on July 18-21, from 9am-noon.  July 25-27 schedule will be weekdays 9am-noon and August 1- from 9-noon and 1-2:30.  Please remember to wear sensible shoes (no flip flops) to march in. I do not yet have the teacher in-service training schedule but any rehearsal time changes will be announced through the Remind app and at:

Any student unable to attend any rehearsal should contact me @ John.Long@Bobcats.K12.AR.US, or school phone (819.0474), or cell (759.2038) as soon as possible. Students involved in Cheerleading, Volleyball, Tennis or Football are excused from band practice only when schedules conflict but should plan to attend all rehearsals that they are available for otherwise!

The key to a successful season is attending every rehearsal. If you arrive promptly, prepared and with a great attitude I assure you that we will excel.