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Grades can be found by using the Home Access Center (HAC). 

        Step 1: Go to school website--

        Step 2: Click on the Middle School (located on the orange boarder of the main page)

        Step 3: Once the dropdown appears, click Grades

        Step 4: Click on Home Access Center

        Step 5: Click District and Select Lawrence County School District

        Step 6: Enter your Username and Password

Download the Remind app for important announcements and notifications. 

Class/Activity Remind Codes  
5th Grade Science @sci5tf  
5th Grade Social Studies @ss5tf  
3rd-6th Grade Football @bobcatpwfb  
5th-6th Grade Basketball @bobcatpwbb  


Class assignments will be given in class and on Microsoft Teams. Important reminders will be sent on Remind. Teams may be accessed at home by using Microsoft Office.

To access Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. from home. 

  • Go to 

  • Click the "For Students" link 

  • Click on "Important Links for Students" 

  • Click on "Microsoft 365" 

  • Here, you sign in with: 

  • Your password is the same as what you use to login to your school laptop. 


Social Studies Online Textbook

Username: walnut.ridge

Password: Bobcats23

Click "Assignments"

English and Spanish Textbook and Glossary are located under "eText and Tools".


To access Scholastic News and Science Spin digital copies, follow the directions below:

Click the link of the magazine you need. The login information listed is the same for both magazines. 

Scholastic News 

Science Spin 

Click "Login" 

Click "I'm a Student" 

Enter the Code: wrbobcats23 


AMI Work for 5th Grade

Image result for bobcat in snow


Grades should be checked reguraly by using the Home Access Center (link aboove). All missing work will count as a zero. If a student is absent he/she is responisble for collecting missed work upon his/her return to school. 



Monday Tuesday-Friday Class
1st Period 8:45-9:26 8:00-8:46 5th Grade Science
2nd Period 9:30-10:11 8:50-9:36 5th Grade Social Studies
3rd Period 10:15-10:56 9:40-10:26 6th Grade Study Hall
4th Period 11:00-11:41 10:30-11:16 5th Grade Study Hall
Lunch 11:41-12:11 11:16-11:46 Lunch
5th Period 12:15-12:56 11:50-12:36 5th Grade Science
6th Period 1:00-1:41 12:40-1:26 5th Grade Science
7th Period 1:45-2:26 1:30-2:16 5th Grade Social Studies
8th Period 2:30-3:11 2:20-3:06 Conference


Contact Information 


Message on Remind

Middle School Phone: 870-886-6697

Classroom Phone: 870-819-0501