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The Lawrence County School District’s gifted, talented, and creative program accepts referrals from students, school personnel, parents, and community members. Referrals are solicited by public announcements placed in the local newspaper, letters, and e-mails are sent to kindergarten through twelfth grade teachers at the beginning and end of each year. The Kingore Observation Inventory checklists are obtained from K-2 teachers in the Spring and formal identification begins in the third grade. Permission from parents is obtained before the administration of the Williams Creativity Assessment Packet and Kaufman Brief Intelligence Test. The Iowa Test of Basic Skills and ACT Aspire scores are collected, along with the Renzulli Rating Scale, ACTAAP scores, grades and products. Students’ scores are recorded and distributed to the identification committee consisting of the principal, counselor, classroom teachers, and the gtc coordinator. Committee decisions are based onblind screenings. Parents, students, teachers, and school personnel are notified in writing of the selection results. Permission from parents is obtained before placing a student in the gifted, talented, and creative program.


Creative Thinking







Critical Thinking




Problem Solving

Research / Independent Learning

Select / Develop Topic

Data Collection

Organize / Analyze Data

Presentation / Evaluation of Product






Affective Development

Self Concept

Interpersonal Relations

Personal Decision Making

Risk Taking


Survival Skills

Program Options:

- Whole Group Enrichment

Kindergarten through second grade are served through Whole Group Enrichment by the gtc coordinator/facilitator for 30 minutes per week.

- Resource

Students in the third through sixth grade are provided services through the resource room for 150 minutes per week. Curriculum is developed and implemented using the five framework strands.

- Pre-Advanced Placement

Students in the fifth through tenth grade are served through Pre-Advanced Placement such as Civics, English, Economics, Math, Physical Science, Biology, and Algebra II, by a certified teacher for 250 minutes per week.

- Advanced Placement

Students in the tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade are provided services through Advanced Placement classes such as Biology, Calculus, Music Theory, U.S. History. World History, American Government, English Language, and English Literature and Composition by a certified teacher for 250 minutes per week.

- Additional Outside Learning Opportunities

All seventh through twelfth grade students have the opportunity to meet with the gtc coordinator on Monday mornings from 8:00 a.m. until 8:45 a.m. Students in the fourth through twelfth grade have the opportunity to participate in Odyssesy of the Mind, quiz bowl, chess competitions,NEAC Business Expo,U.S. Space Camp, Story Store, Arkansas Bioscience Institute at ASU, Stock Market Game, and Project Fair. Addtional field trips are arranged when appropriate.