My name is Amy Privett and I am the special education Teacher for 4th, 5th, and 6th grades at Walnut Ridge Elementary. I am also the District's 504 and Equity Coordinator. I am the PEEWEE BOOSTER Club president and the CHEER Coach for both JR and SR Teams. I LOVE MY LIFE! I am a mom of two fantasic kids and three amazing pups (2 Standard poodles and a little mixed breed). This is my 23rd year teaching and I still love what I do! WRMS is the best school with the BEST teachers and I am lucky enough to work here! I am honored to have your child in my classroom and hope to make this year successful and fun. Please contact me with any questions or concerns you might have. 



LITERACY classes have homework most days (Monday-Thursday). It is a reading passage and some written work that goes with our lesson. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, read with your child each night! Sign the paper and have them bring it back. They need all the READING practice they can get. We typically have a spelling, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency test every two weeks. 


Math classes have a number of the day each day. The kids do these independently and we check together. We then have our lesson and have a weekly math quiz on the topics taught for that week. I send math HOMEWORK home most nights (Monday-Thursday) however most kiddos get this done in study hall or during free time. I use TOUCHMATH for my students. If you are not familiar with it here is a link that explains what it is and how it is beneficial to the students. TOUCHMATH



Special Education - Tunica County School District

                                                                        Amy Privett                                                               email: amy.privett@bobcats.k12.ar.us

Middle School Phone: (870) 886- 6697
Classroom Phone: (870)819-0470
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