Ms. Natalie Wallin 
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Office Phone — (870) 886-6697 
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(5th and 6th Grade)

Grades can be found by using the Home Access Center (HAC). 

Step 1: Go to school website--

Step 2: Click on the Middle School (located on the orange boarder of the main page)

Step 3: Once the dropdown appears, click Grades

Step 4: Click on Home Access Center

Step 5: Click District and Select Lawrence County School District

Step 6: Enter your Username and Password


Download the Remind for important announcements and notifications. 



Class/Activity Remind Codes  
5th Grade Social Studies @nwss5th  
6th Grade Social Studies @nwss6th  



Schedule Monday Tuesday-Friday Class
1st Period 8:45-9:26 8:00-8:46 5th Grade Social Studies
2nd Period 9:30-10:11 8:50-9:36 5th/6th Grade Study Hall
3rd Period 10:15-10:56 9:40-10:26 Conference
4th Period 11:00-11:41 10:30-11:16 6th Grade Social Studies
Lunch 11:41-12:11 11:16-11:46 Lunch
5th Period 12:15-12:56 11:50-12:36 5th Grade Social Studies
6th Period 1:00-1:41 12:40-1:26 6th Grade Social Studies
7th Period 1:45-2:26 1:30-2:16 6th Grade Social Studies
8th Period 2:30-3:11 2:20-3:06 Recess





Classroom Wishes

Kickballs for recess

Basketballs for recess

Sidewalk Chalk for recess


Important Dates: 

August 19th- Back To School Pep Rally-  6:00pm New Gym

September 5th- Labor Day- No School

September 23rd- Football Homecoming

November 9th-Flu Shot Clinic

November 21st-25th -Thanksgiving Holiday 









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