Mrs. Marcia Martin


Classroom Phone: 870-819-0428

6th Grade Literacy Teacher


Middle School Office Phone - 870-886-6697



Class Remind Codes:

Regular Literacy: MMLIT2022



DUE DATE for the two AR books:

March 10th by 3:00 pm


Dear Parents,

Please feel free to e-mail me anytime with questions or concerns.  We will all be learning together this year.

 PLC on Mondays –Monday mornings we do PLC which stands for professional learning communities.  This gives teachers time to sit down and look at data and test scores to see how to help your child.  Students will need to be here NO later than 8:45 on those days before being counted tardy.  Students arriving before then will have activities going on in the classroom. However, we encourage all students who plan to eat be here at normal time (by 8:00) for breakfast.